Tips on Parliamentary Procedure


GFWC Parliamentarian Shirley Gomes

Example of a Typical Meeting

Presiding officer says, "The meeting will come to order."

Opening ceremony: Based on customary rituals.

Roll Call: The chair says, "The secretary will call the roll of members (if customary)."

Reading and approval of minutes. After the minutes are read, or if they have been previously distributed, the chair asks, "Are there any corrections to the minutes?" (Pause)

If there are none, the minutes are approved as written."

With corrections, the chair will say, "The secretary will make the corrections. The minutes are approved as corrected."

Secretary will read correspondence.

Treasurer's Report. A treasurer's report is not adopted.  It is placed on file for the auditor's annual report.  

Report of Officers, Standing and Special  Committees, Board. Action is taken on motions made or under New Business.

Special Orders: Announced only if there are such matters.

Unfinished Business and General Orders:  Announced only if there are such matters previously introduced but not finished at the previous meeting.

New Business: The chair takes up any new business that is listed on the agenda. Action is taken on recommendations.

Announcements: The chair makes announcements.....and asks, "Are there any other announcements?"

Program: The chair does not "turn the meeting over," but says, "The program chairman will now present the program."

Adjournment: The chair will ask "Is there any further business?" (Pause) "Hearing none, since there is no further business, the meeting is adjourned." OR...."A motion to adjourn is in order."

Club Bylaws



Section 1

Eligibility: Any woman who lives in Hancock County whose name has been presented by the Membership Committee and voted on by the majority of those present shall be eligible for membership. Voting shall be by secret ballot.

The name of an active member who has become non-resident shall be dropped from the roll. Upon return of the resident to this community, the member shall be reinstated without vote.

Section 2

Obligations: Members have an obligation to attend meetings, participate in programs and projects of the club, and contribute in whatever way they can.

Section 3

Any member wishing to withdraw from the club shall send a letter of resignation to the Club President.


Election of Officers

Section 1

The officers of this club shall be President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Photographer/Reporter, and a Historian. A corresponding Secretary, Parliamentarian and Chaplain may be appointed by the President. The officers shall be residents in the community.

Section 2

The election of officers shall be held at the annual meeting in March, install in April, and assume the duties of office in May every two years of even numbered years to coincide with the GFWC/TFWC term of office. Elections of officers shall be by secret ballot if there are two or more women nominated for the same office, otherwise the voting shall be open. A nominating committee shall be appointed by the President in February in order to have a slate of officers for the March meeting.

Executive Committee

The officers shall constitute the Executive Board, of which the president shall be the chairman. This board shall have the general supervision of the interests of the club.


Duties of Officers

Section 1

President: The President shall preside at all meetings of the club and the Executive Committee, shall be a member ex-officio of all committees, and shall sign orders to the Treasurer for all such payments as the Executive Committee may approve. She may appoint a Corresponding Secretary, Parliamentarian, Chaplain, Department Chairman and members, and any committee that is necessary.

Section 2

First-Vice President: The First-Vice president shall preside in the absence of the President. In the event of a vacancy in the office of President, she shall succeed to the office of the President for the unexpired portion of the term. She shall be considered the President-Elect. She shall be Department Coordinator.

Section 3

Second-Vice President: In the absence of the President and the First-Vice President, she shall perform the duties of the President. She shall be Chairman of the Membership Committee.

Section 4

Recording Secretary: The Recording Secretary shall keep an accurate record of al meetings of the Club and the Executive Committee in a book or books for that purpose. She shall also keep an accurate roll of all members.

Section 5

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall collect dues according to the Bylaws, shall deposit said dues and any other money that may be acquired, shall pay all approved bills, shall keep an accurate record of revenues and expenses, shall keep a record of individual accounts as may be needed, and shall prepare a written report at the end of her tenure of office to be distributed to each member and filed with club records.

Section 6

Photographer/Reporter: The Photographer/Reporter shall take pictures of members, guest speakers, table decorations, and projects that could be used in the scrapbook. She shall also prepare articles to be send to the Sneedville Shopper or enlist a member to help her with either duty. She shall work with the Historian to ensure a pictorial history is kept of club work.

Section 7

Historian: The Historian shall keep the Club Scrapbook according to the guidelines given by GFWC/TFWC. She shall work with the Photographer/Reporter in acquiring appropriate pictures. She may enlist help from other members if necessary.

Section 8

Corresponding Secretary: The Corresponding Secretary shall attend to the correspondence of office and other duties as the President and Executive Committee may assign.

Section 9

Parliamentarian: The duties of the Parliamentarian shall be those outlined in the Robert Rules of Order. She shall serve a Chairman of the Legislative Committee, and meet with the Nominating Committee. She shall attend Executive meetings and shall perform such duties as authorized by the President.

Section 10

Chaplain: The duties of the Chaplain shall be to arrange such devotions as may be requested by the President.



The year’s work shall be planned by a committee consisting of the retiring President, the President-Elect, the First –Vice President, and one member appointed by the President to type and assemble the yearbook.



Section 1

Year: The fiscal year shall begin May 1 and end April 30, with dues becoming due at that time.

Section 2

The Annual dues shall be $ 40.00; GFWC has raised dues $ 1 per year through 2009, which means that dues for each club member will be:

  • 2007- $ 15 per member ($13 to GFWC + to GFWC/TN)
  • 2008 - $16 per member ($14 to GFWC + to GFWC/TN)

September and November are designated months to collect dues to simplify bookkeeping for the Treasurer. All dues shall be paid by December 1 in order the Treasurer to send to TFWC and District I before December 15. After the November meeting, the Treasurer shall send a notice of any unpaid dues. There shall be a grace period until the December meeting, provided the meeting is before the 15th. After that dues will be considered delinquent and members may be dropped from the roll.